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Domain Names – not to be left to chance

A domain name is not an intellectual property right. It is, however, a natural part of your IP portfolio of trademarks, patents and designs. If you feel that a full service IP consulting firm like Zacco ought to be able to advice you on how to manage domain names, you are correct.

The basics
A domain name is a combination of letters that is registered for one single top-level domain at a time. A top-level domain is the last label in a fully qualified domain name, for example “.com” in the domain name www.zacco.com. A domain name registration is usually renewed every year, but periods of up to 10 years do occur.

Different domains, different rules
At present there are around 250 commercial, nonprofit and public top-level domains on the Internet. Different laws and rules apply to domain names registered to different top-level domains. This makes matters complicated when planning your presence and defending your rights on the Internet.

Business and communication
A domain registration is not an intellectual property right – the only right you acquire is the right to the concrete domain. However, since they have become central to business and to communication on and off the Internet, it is a good idea to consider domain names at an early stage, along with IP rights that are vital to your operation.

Strategy against pirates
At Zacco we can aid you in shaping a strategy and a policy for how your business is going to register and handle domain names. This business tool will improve your chances of having control over a range of domain names that will work –administratively, technically and commercially – in the long run. It will reduce your risks of being hurt by trademark speculation and piracy on the Internet.

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