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IP Translation

The members of the Zacco Translation Team are all certified translators with many years of IP experience.

We translate:

  • Patent and trademark prosecution documents
  • Patent and trademark litigation documents
  • Other IP-related technical and legal documents
  • Validation documents
  • Business support documents 

We also:

  • Proofread and perform quality checks
  • Provide answers to linguistic matters relevant to prosecution and litigation
  • Act as general language consultants
  • Provide certified translations (DA/EN/DA, DA/DE/DA, DA/FR/DA)

Our team covers the following languages:

  • The official EP languages (EN, DE, FR)
  • The national Zacco languages (DK, NO, SE)


  • Our prices are all-inclusive
  • We are dedicated IP-translators (patent, trademark, design, legal, litigation, validation)
  • We are certified translators
  • We are all experienced (meaning that no “junior” is ever assigned if team is busy)
  • We provide one-entry – less administration, follow-up and monitoring
  • We work in an IP-setting, meaning that we understand IP
  • We have a huge IP network
  • By dialogue with the relevant consultant, we provide consistency in terminology – in respect of all the client’s IP-rights and deliver fit-to-purpose translations
  • In case of foreign-to-foreign translations: the DE, EN and FR translators sit next to each other and discuss the translations – quality assurance, rather than translations made independently in different countries
  • We use state-of-the-art translation tools and can establish client-specific term databases.
  • We are the only Scandinavian IP-consultancy translation team since the London Agreement
  • We work with the best providers concerning languages we do not cover ourselves        

To make sure that your request is dealt with expediently and that the correct competences are allocated, please send your translation order to our Translation mailbox translation@zacco.com which is checked continuously throughout workdays.

If you have any further questions regarding our team or our services, please contact team manager Ina Bjerre Larsen or phone +45 3948 8021

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