Webinar: Hybrid IP portfolio management: maximise efficiency/minimise costs - Zacco
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Webinar: Hybrid IP portfolio management: maximise efficiency/minimise costs

June 15, 2023; 3pm CEST

Join MIP and Zacco as they explore some of the reasons why companies are increasingly adopting a hybrid IP portfolio management model, both as a means to improve quality and in response to an uncertain economic outlook.

This webinar from MIP and Zacco will explain how organisations can improve the quality, efficiency and reach of their IP portfolio, often reducing management costs and without compromising on the integrity or protection of their IP rights. As the size of an IP portfolio grows, it becomes significantly more time consuming and expensive to maintain. Costs accumulate further when your in-house team are spending their time on administrative tasks, and the maintenance of existing rights, when it could be put to better use focusing on the development and protection of new ideas and innovations. Alternatively, the cost of losing rights through failure to maintain them could be catastrophic, so what options are available to companies looking to grow their IP portfolio without risking their current rights?

An increasing number of companies are finding value in adopting a hybrid IP portfolio management model. Such a model can effectively remove the need for in-house resources to perform some of the more time-consuming tasks, such as renewals, validation or invoice management. The types of services available can be designed to suit any budget and any portfolio size. A good IP service provider will improve the quality of your portfolio and can often be a more cost-effective solution than maintaining the same level of expertise in-house. Zacco’s Karin Kärvling Søholt, director of strategic alliances, Betina Hellemann, director of IP services and quality, and Agatha Bergman, relationship manager, will explain how your business could benefit from a new approach to IP management and offer insight into what questions you should be asking at the first stage of any IP service partnering discussions.

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