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Digital Forensics Services

Do you suspect theft of your client data or knowhow after an employee joined a competitor or started a similar type of company? Or do you need an investigation to clear your name from false allegations? At Zacco, we can help enforce your intellectual property rights and protect your digital assets like e.g. your client database.

Our forensic experts, with experience from the police force, can conduct full investigations on computers, servers, phones and tablets, to find communications, file transfers and documents to uncover what has happened in a case.

For example, we can investigate timestamps on patent applications in order to uncover which application was created first and therefore can claim the right to the patent. We also have experience with investigating whether documents that belonged to a company have been moved to external devices or the cloud.

Proactive and reactive support

We have years of experience with performing investigations and appearing in court. We can help you from the moment you have a suspicion to the point it’s taken up in court.

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Gianfranco Alongi Poblete
Gianfranco Alongi Poblete

Head of Cyber Security

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