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Software Quality Assurance

Do you need help from experts to secure the quality in your software development cycle? Zacco provides custom Quality Assurance services to raise the quality levels of digital assets, such as software, data and code.

Quality Assurance is an ongoing process that is meant to ensure that developed software complies with recognised standards or quality specifications. Our Secure Development team has all the competences within Quality Assurance necessary in order for you to reach the quality levels required in a test driven environment. It is proven that software testing increases quality, reduces overall costs and shortens lead times.

We provide quality and security in software

Throughout the entire development process, security is one of our top priorities. We also address and consider the digital assets – such as data, software and apps – that are created in the process and could be of value to you. For example, we consider what kind of data is generated? Who owns the data? Where is it stored? And when handling personal data, we must ensure that we are compliant with GDPR.

Zacco’s team of Test managers, Test developers and Requirement engineers can assist you through every phase of a software development project. Contact us today!

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