September 4, 2020

GII 2020: Top 10 innovative countries include Sweden, UK, Denmark and Germany

The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) has issued their annual Global Innovation Index and the rankings of the most innovative countries are pretty much the same as last year, with Sweden on an impressing silver position after Switzerland and with the US on a 3rd rank. The UK can be found on rank 4, Denmark on rank 6 and Germany on rank 9, all these are innovative countries with a local Zacco presence.

Looking into the effects of the pandemic one of the key findings of the GII is that innovation funding is partly drying up which impedes in particular young firms and R&D intensive startups, but this is also hitting developing countries unevenly harder. Anyhow, the index also states that opportunities have arisen from the disruption caused by the coronavirus and that some industries have undergone an exceptional phase of innovation and creative collaboration. Healthcare, teleworking, education, e-commerce and mobility are mentioned in particular.

The full report is accessible on the WIPO website.

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