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Herleif Ulstein

Herleif Ulstein

Regional Manager
About Herleif Ulstein
Herleif Ulstein has 30 years of experience working with IP rights and 20 of those years also working with competition law and distribution agreements from an international perspective.
Herleif has worked for Stokke AS for more than 20 years and the last 15 years he built up and headed the Legal Affairs Department, including being responsible for IPR (strategies, establishment, maintenance and enforcement), licensing agreement as well as for establishing new distributions entities around the world.
Herleif, who has a B.Com. from the Norwegian School of Management BI, where he specialised in international organisation and management, marketing and market strategies, has also worked in the shipping industry as well as the building industry. Herleif’s rare combination of technological, commercial and legal competence, built up during a long career is of great value for Zacco’s clients.