Niclas Jonsson - Zacco

Niclas Jonsson

Regional Manager Digital Brand Denmark, Germany and Norway
About Niclas Jonsson
Niclas is responsible for the Digital Brand services in Denmark, Germany and Norway and helps our clients to control, protect and manage their brands from a digital point of view. By connecting trademarks and design with the online world he strives to make their digital presence as trouble free and cost efficient as possible.
Domain Name Management and Digital Brand Protection are his special knowledge and he gives strategic advice about portfolio management, monitoring services, disputes, acquisitions and technical matters relating to these areas.
Prior to joining Zacco he had a similar role at another IP company.
Areas of expertise
    • Email Security
    • SSL Management
    • Domain Name Acquisitions
    • Portfolio Management
    • Due Diligence
    • Digital Brand Disputes and Enforcement
    • Trademark Prosecution
    • Strategy Implementation
    • Digital Brand Workshop & Policy
    • Secure DNS Management
    • Digital Brand Due Diligence
    • Corporate Domain Management
    • Trademark Clearinghouse
    • Portfolio Outsourcing
    • Online Brand Protection
    • Trademark Monitoring and Watch
    • Identity Assets report
    • Strategy Development