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Monday, September 25, 2017, 12:00

OPP Innovation Week - Practical approach to IPR

Bank1Bar, Bankgaten 8, 5017 Bergen

OPP is a week filled with informative and exciting events, organized by local actors who believe that it is important to share their knowledge to promote innovation in different industries.

Zacco will be a part of OPP by holding a workshop on practical approach to Intellectual Property rights (IPR).

Take the opportunity to learn more about Intellectual Property by signing up here.

Go here to read more about Opp Innovation.

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Thor Mosaker

Thor B. Mosaker

Senior Executive PartnerRegional Director, Norway, Germany & the UK
Attorney at Law
+47 934 35 163
Tom Ekeberg

Tom Ekeberg

Senior PartnerTeam Manager
European Patent Attorney
+47 934 35 136