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Thursday, September 21, 2017, 13:00

Zacco @ SAST Väst Q3

Lindholmen Conference Center, Lindholmspiren 5, Gothenburg

Zacco Open CTF Challenge in the Test lab at the SAST Väst Q3 - EXPO

Welcome to join a CTF (Capture The Flag) together with Zacco and Passion for testing in the test lab at the SAST West Q3 - EXPO!

Together with Zacco you will have the opportunity to test your own hacker skills! We start with some short information about what CTF is, as well as some tips and tricks in the workshop room. Then it will be up to you, together with a colleague/friend if you want, to crack our challenges and find the flag. This is an introductory CTF, so anyone with basic technical/computer skills can contribute and will be able to solve some of the challenges.

Live hacking - a peek inside a professional hacker's toolbox

During the SAST Q3 - Expo, Zacco offers a lecture from two of our senior consultants. Magnus Klaaborg Stubman and Jonas Halldin will give us a smear in the toolbox of a security consultant. Jonas and Magnus share their own “war stories” and will conduct live hacking. Do not miss this opportunity to understand how a professional hacker works!

Read more about SAST West Q3 - EXPO here.

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Jonas Halldin

Jonas Halldin

Director Cyber Security
+46 70 458 23 00
Ola Florvik

Ola Florvik

Deputy Managing Director, Innovation Technology Gothenburg
+ 46 706 12 67 27
Mikael Helgesson

Mikael Helgesson

Managing Director, Innovation Technology Gothenburg
+46 703 36 13 30
Rasmus Höglund

Rasmus Höglund

Senior Software Consultant
+46 31 725 8149