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Financial help for developing your IP Strategy!

As from April 2015 and during a 3-year-period (2015-2017), small and middle-sized enterprises (SME) in Sweden can apply for innovation cheques worth 100.000 SEK each to buy external strategic consultation. These innovation cheques are issued by the Swedish innovation agency VINNOVA and distributed nationwide by ALMI Företagspartner, IUC Sverige and Coompanion – Kooperativ Utveckling Sverige.

Companies granted with an innovation cheque can use the funds to acquire expertise from private consultancy companies in order to develop your business, for example through developing a strategy for your Intellectual Property (IP).

When developing an IP strategy, your company’s actual and potential intellectual assets are taken into account in order to transform them into a real value for your company when implemented. When handled strategically, your intellectual assets propel innovation-driven growth for your business, which is the sole purpose for VINNOVA of introducing the innovation cheques. Zacco as a leading IP consultancy in Europe can provide you with all the expertise you need to develop a value-driven IP strategy.

Do you want a kick-start in developing your IP strategy? Please do not hesitate to contact your local Zacco office.

If you want to apply for an innovation cheque, please contact one of the distributors mentioned above.