New collaborations and careers at Zacco, Digital Brands
“There is more room for me to grow at Zacco”

This interview was conducted during Victor Schönemann and Auguste Faerch’s first week at Zacco. They both have joined the Digital Brands department, but different offices: Victor in Gothenburg and Auguste in Copenhagen.

Former roles and new focus areas at Zacco

Victor: I am trained as an IT technician, and I have eight years of experience working with IT, Cyber Security and IP – and three years of experience within Digital Brands specifically. Here, at Zacco’s Gothenburg office, I will work in all areas within the Digital Brands department and, for instance, help further develop an email security service. More overall, I want to be the bridge between Zacco’s three areas of Digital Brands, Cyber Security and Digital Threat Intelligence.

Auguste: I have a background in marketing/sales and business development in the start-up business. Most recently, I worked with sales and was responsible for developing current and new customers within brand protection. At Zacco, I will advise companies in the right strategies for domain names, hosting, monitoring of brands online, and together with my colleagues take action on any infringements we find. My role also is to develop the Danish Digital Brands department and attract new customers. Personally, I speak and write both Danish and Swedish fluently thanks to my Swedish mother and Danish father, so I can relate to both sides of Oresund!

Clients and common tasks in Digital Brands

Victor & Auguste:

In Digital Brands, we mainly work as consultants for all types of clients, and make strategies for domain names and digital brand protection. For example, if you have security problems with your email account, this can affect your digital brand. Or if someone has registered a domain name that is similar to yours, they can use it for phishing or scams or misuse in online shops.

Why we joined Zacco

Victor: “I joined Zacco for a lot of reasons, but mainly because I really believe in the company and all the different areas, Zacco operates. Particularly, of course, Digital Brands, the Legal department and Cyber Security that are closely related. On a more personal level, I feel like there is more room for me to grow at Zacco and a lot of experience to learn from. Coming to Zacco therefore feels like a natural step in my career.”

Auguste: I decided to join Zacco because of the exciting role as Digital Brand Consultant I was offered and all the skilled people who work here. Learning from the best in the business will not only benefit my personal development, but also our customers, and I am excited to work on turning Digital Brands into a success in Denmark.

Expectations as new employees at Zacco

Victor: Good question. I expect to be able to develop the business, get started quickly and to work according to our plan. As I know Zacco quite well, I expect my transition into this new role will be smooth.

Auguste: I expect to see a development, both personally and of the department as a whole. I think it is important that we have the same goals and move forward together. It is also important to feel heard, and actually, I already have.

And a really good day is…?

Victor: I have one word for that: variation. I like days of variation in work assignments.

Auguste: I like variation as well, challenges, and lots of contact with clients – most of all, happy clients!