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Bergman & Beving

About Bergman & Beving

Bergman & Beving is a Swedish holding company that develops, acquires and provides strong brands for the manufacturing and construction sectors, mainly addressing professionals. In March 2018, 15 strong brands were gathered under its roof, among them ESSVE, FIRESEAL, LUNA, ARBESKO, CRESTO, GUIDE, ZEKLER, TENGTOOLS and L.BRADOR.

Bergman & Beving was founded in 1906 by engineers Arvid Bergman and Fritz Beving. The company has grown by acquisitions (a recent example from 2017 being footwear producer ARBESKO) and development of their own brands. In 2017, former holding B&B TOOLS was split into two separate, listed companies, namely Bergman & Beving and Momentum Group.

About Intellectual Property at Bergman & Beving

The holding has a strong and explicit focus on brand building. All Bergman & Beving brands must have a clear identity and innovation, insight and a long-term perspective are seen as the central building blocks for strong brands. Hardly surprising, this is where Bergman & Beving’s collaboration with Zacco comes in.

The holding has chosen Zacco as the preferred consultancy for Intellectual Property and this collaboration has been developed and re-assessed under a long period of time now. Applying the conviction that the important decisions should be made where the knowledge is, the general IP strategy has been developed and is reviewed on a regular basis at holding level. The subsidiaries are in charge of the ongoing work of IP rights protection following the general IP strategy as a guideline and have their own interaction and consultations with Zacco’s attorneys.

To meet the needs that arise due to the structure and the organisation of the client, Zacco has formed a dedicated team of mainly Swedish attorneys who respond quickly to all requests coming from the holding or its affiliates. It is led by one responsible attorney who coordinates the work and secures that the overall strategy is followed. Though the subsidiaries might have their own contact persons for the respective service, the client responsible will always act as the one point of entry and main contact for all requests. Whenever necessary, he distributes cases to other colleagues within Zacco or takes advantage of Zacco’s established network of agents across the globe.

Zacco advises Bergman & Beving in all patent, trademark and design matters as well as in their Digital Brands monitoring.

Example:  ESSBOX

Zacco’s attorneys were of course involved when Bergman & Beving’s subsidiary ESSVE set out to change the everyday work situation of craftsmen with the product innovation ESSBOX, a system that makes it easy to organise all their fastening products. The ESSBOX was launched in 2012 and became rapidly a major selling success for ESSVE. You can find a description of the innovation process here. The international patent application for a “Module System Comprising a Case and a Number of Boxes” was filed on 11 November 2010 (International Publication Number WO 2011/078763 A1) dating priority back to 2009. Today the patent covers markets of strategic interest to ESSVE and a divisional patent application based on the original application has been filed for strategic reasons based on advice from Zacco’s patent attorneys.

The Trademark application for ESSBOX was filed in April 2010 and registered as a EUTM in December 2010 for classes 6, 16 and 20. Thereafter the trademark has successfully been registered in a large number of countries around the world being of strategic interest to ESSVE.

At a very early stage, design protection in the EU was also secured for the characteristic design features of the system. Thus, Zacco successfully advised and assisted ESSVE in using all relevant means of protecting its successful innovation.

Of course, there also is a monitoring system in place reporting on violations of these Intellectual Property Rights around the ESSBOX.


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