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Eton AB

About Eton AB

Eton AB is a global leading shirt maker who is well-known for premium quality. At the original factory in Gånghester, Sweden, fine men’s shirts have been crafted since 1928. Today, they and a number of related accessories as e.g. ties can be purchased in 49 markets from an exclusive network of selected retailers. Eton takes pride in the company tradition of skilled craftsmanship and its focus on sustainability while innovating its products and entering new markets. You can find more information about Eton here.

The Eton brand was created in 1948 in connection with the release of the first “Eton shirt”, named after the small town family members of the company founders had travelled through. Two years later, the success of the Eton shirt led to a renaming of the company from “Skjortfabriken Special” into Eton.

About Intellectual Property at Eton AB

 As a producer of premium clothing, the established Eton brand and its reputation are crucial for Eton AB. Thus, Eton’s IP work focuses on the trademark that has been registered in all relevant markets, following the overall growth strategy within the company. Zacco’s client team assists Eton in monitoring and defending the trademark whenever the risk of violation and infringement appears.

Moreover, the digital appearance and presence of the brand are closely monitored and any dangers for brand value are reported to Eton on a regular basis.

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