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Andreas Pihlstrand

Senior Software Consultant

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Software developer, joined Zacco in 2017

“I was triggered by the idea of being able to work with R&D projects for our clients, of working with cutting-edge technology and being part of shaping the future, not just remodelling things that already existed”
I joined Zacco in February 2017 as a software consultant, more than two years ago. At this time, Zacco was still a rather traditional intellectual property firm with attorneys for patent, trademark and design protection as well as lawyers. I have been working as a software consultant since the late 1990s, so I brought solid experience and seniority to the team when I started here.

Current position and tasks

I have two roles: My primary role is working as a secure development consultant where I currently have an assignment at a customer that develops and markets a product for managing visitors. My secondary role is as team manager for our software consultants in the region Sweden East & North. My team members are working with software development, quality assurance and project management.

Entering the world of intellectual property

When I came to Zacco, I was one of the first software consultants joining in this region. This was a result of Zacco’s new strategy to broaden the perspective on IP.
“Today, digitalization is one of the major drivers in the evolution of tomorrow’s business. We all need to be aware of its complexity, and to navigate between risks and opportunities in the ever-changing landscape.”
Although you might think I was considered kind of an outsider in the world of IP, I was surprised and humbled by both the friendliness and interest I encountered from colleagues outside of Software. They were genuinely curious about my work and background and I felt accepted from the start.

Secure development – what’s that?

To me, secure development means that our software consultants bring a skill set within security as in secure coding and having a development process where you address security through the whole process and also an awareness for the digital assets that are created. For example, what kind of data is generated? Who owns the data? Where is it stored? If we handle personal data, we must ensure that we are compliant with GDPR. And if we decide to use Open Source Software we must secure that we understand the license structures and have a proper process working with Open Source Software.

My dream assignment

When I joined Zacco, I was triggered by the idea of being able to work with R&D projects for our clients, of working with cutting-edge technology and being part of shaping the future, not just remodelling things that already existed. At Zacco, we can add new dimensions in our cross-functional development teams by adding IP experts and Cyber Security specialists in them, ensuring that we secure and protect all values. That’s the sort of assignment I would like to be a part of.

Skills used on a daily basis

As a developer, I can apply the in-depth experience I have gathered in .NET development since 2001. I have done nearly everything you can do with .NET and this seniority in combination with my skill set in secure software development is my most important skill.

The perfect match for Secure Development

If you are a positive person, who likes to work with highly skilled colleagues, and you understand and appreciate the importance of security when developing software, you will be a great addition to our team. If you recognize yourself in this description, you will find yourself among peers: we have high standards!

The power of code

Everyone should understand code! As our daily life becomes increasingly digitized and everything gets connected, you should have at least a basic understanding of how things work and interact. Programming helps. And in the future I think most people will know how to write code. It will probably be a common requirement and today kids already learn basic programming in school. These education programs will only get more and more advanced going forward.

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