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Benedikt Zöttl

Trainee Patent Attorney M.Sc.


Patent professional, joined Zacco as a Trainee in 2019

  “My mentor’s door is always open to me.” I joined Zacco’s office in Munich in April 2019 after my graduation from the local University of Applied Science. During my studies in the field of mechanical engineering, I focused on the automotive industry and did some related internships. My master thesis was written within the field of E-Mobility. My interest for intellectual property matters and especially patents was raised when I attended a particular course at the university and also when I came across these issues during my internships.

About being a trainee patent attorney at Zacco

I have the privilege to have a very dedicated mentor in Olav Jaeger, Senior Partner and Area Manager in Munich.
“I am still very much at the beginning of my career and Olav’s door is always open to me. I feel I can ask whatever I need to advance in my tasks.”
Right now, I mainly work on responses to office actions and patent drafting on behalf of one of Zacco’s large clients. The client is not from the automotive industry, so the most important thing for me was to really dig into and understand a new cutting-edge technology I was not familiar with. Working with mainly one client, I can focus on how to write the responses, claims and applications in the best way in terms of protection and scope and I don’t need to switch between different technologies all the time. Still, in some cases I also have assisted assignments from other regions and other clients. I’m pretty sure, that my responsibilities and the variety of cases and technology I am going to work with will develop over time.

The Zacco community

I have not yet had the chance to cooperate with many colleagues from other regions. So far, I mainly know and appreciate the people I work with at the Munich office. But whenever I reach out to anyone at Zacco, I meet a friendly and helpful attitude. Thus, I look forward to working with people from the other Zacco offices in Scandinavia, the UK and India, as being part of a larger IP firm is a great chance to do so.

The career path ahead

To receive the authorisation as a European Patent Attorney, I need to first pass the pre-exam and then I will be admitted to sit the European Qualifying Examination (EQE). At the earliest, I can write the EQE in 2023. As a European Patent Attorney, you can represent clients before the European Patent Office.
I also reflect about meeting the requirements for becoming a German Patent Lawyer, these are quite strict though. With my educational background, I will need work at an IP Law Firm for at least eight years when having passed the EQE. You need to have some patience in this business, you could say. And that is fine, because there is so much to learn.

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