Coronavirus: Zacco will remain in operation... Read more

Coronavirus: Zacco will remain in operation... Read more

Kristin Kjærheim Astrup

Senior Partner
Regional Director, Norway & the UK
Attorney at Law

+47 934 35 116


Trademark professional, joined Zacco in 2012

“I like the ‘Zacco-feeling’ of forward movement”
I started at Zacco in 2012 as a trademark attorney. In 2013, I took over as Team Manager for the lawyers in Zacco Norway. In 2018, I became the CEO of Zacco Innovation Technology AS, which is a subsidiary of Zacco Norway AS. My main task there was to build Zacco’s digital business in Norway and develop so-called TechLaw services, which are services where we combine legal and technical expertise. This year, in late February, I took over the position as Regional Director for the Norway and UK region.

The culture and colleagues at Zacco

The culture at Zacco Norway, which is one of the smaller companies in the Zacco group, is open and “family like” with a good sense of humour and laughter around the lunch table. Adding to this, I would say that my colleagues are resourceful, kind-hearted, professional and attentive. Of course, the good atmosphere at the office promotes good collaborations, which better ensures that we use people’s resources in the best way to serve our clients’ interests.

The perks of working at Zacco

Zacco is rather diverse; I remember when I first started at Zacco, coming from a corporate law firm, how inspiring it was to work with colleagues with various professional backgrounds. I think that having so much and varied professional competence under one roof, gives us a competitive advantage. The challenge is merely to utilize this advantage the best possible way!
“Further, it is a perk that we are a company that tries to do something different. We are always looking ahead – at new markets, new technology and new professional areas. In that sense, we are also diverse.”

About my work with clients

I assist all types of clients with all types of IP legal work. However, the typical client would either be the innovative company with new ideas that creates/develops new products or the typical “brand house” that sells products or services under separate trademarks.
For these clients, I would typically:
    • Provide trademark filing advice, national and global
    • Draft and help implement an IP strategy
    • Provide advice on how to safe-keep sensitive information and business secrets by legal and technical means
    • Do IP related contractual work
    • Negotiate contracts
    • Enforce clients’ rights, typically IP and market law litigation

The joys of daily work

My passion is my customers. The greatest satisfaction is to feel that your input, advice and strategy have created value for the customer. This leads to new projects, new discussions and new opportunities. It is always good to “know your customer”, but in our business it is also a necessity.
Also, the international aspect is one of the things I like the most about Zacco. It makes the everyday work-life more interesting and energetic. Cross-border colleagues are also a great competence pool and when providing advice to local clients in Norway, I can use this pool in a way that benefits my clients, who, as we, act in a global market.

When I am not at Zacco…

…I am with my family, probably driving my kids to soccer or gymnastic practice. Our newest family member is a puppy – a King Charles Cavalier – who follows me around everywhere. So, whenever Zacco doesn’t keep me busy, they do!

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