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Knut Yngve Zacco

The name Zacco is taken from one of the founders of Stockholms Patentbyrå, Knut Yngve Zacco.

He was born June 1st, 1846 in Husby-Langhundra close to Stockholm, son of Army Captain Hjalmar Yngve Zacco and Maria Christina Constantia Bure and was the last out of six children.

He graduated as an Engineer in 1872 at Vattenledningsbyggnaden i Gefle and worked as a foreman in several companies before he in 1880 founded and co-owned Stockholms Patentbyrå. Later he became the owner of Zacco, Bruhn and Co., which later again changed its name to Zacco and Co.

Knut Yngve Zacco had three children and died in 1936.