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February 19, 2013

Information about harmful actions directed towards Zacco Sweden

For a couple of months Zacco Sweden has been exposed to harmful actions from an external player wanting to discredit Zacco. As this player is approaching our clients and other stake holders, we unfortunately have to inform about those actions in this way.


The issue concerns actions that occurred in 2000-2001 and had its origins in a clear case of so called “double creation”, i.e. two inventors, not aware of each other, who at more or less the same time invented more or less the same invention. This is not an unusual phenomenon.

Zacco’s client won the case regarding proper title to the invention brought before the Swedish Patent and Registration Office as well as at the Court of Patent Appeals as second instance. However, the counterpart did not accept the Court of Patent Appeals’ decision and therefore, at a later stage, accused Zacco, being the winning company’s representative, of illegalities.

Decisions made by The District Court as well as the Court of Appeals have been very clear: Zacco Sweden has acted correctly and in accordance with current legislation.

During the fall and winter (2012-2013) the counterpart has:

  • discredited Zacco on its homepage
  • contacted Zacco’s clients, competitors and other stakeholders with the intention of discrediting Zacco
  • registered  domain names containing our Swedish company name Zacco Sweden with the same intention

Due to the repeated actions with the same purpose, Zacco has unfortunately had to take legal actions to ban the external player from discrediting Zacco in the ways described above.  

More information

Information on or questions about this matter should be directed to Maria Beijer, Attorney at Law at Zacco, on maria.beijer@zacco.com  or telephone + 46 708 29 76 18  

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