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May 16, 2012

New regulations makes it easier to register domain names in China

China changes its rules for registration of domain names under the top level domain .cn for legal entities from 66 countries. 

After a tightening of the rules a few years ago, it has only been possible for companies established within mainland China to register .cn domains. Therefore a number of international companies either had to let a local subsidiary or allow an agent to register the domain. The current rule change means that it is again possible for companies to register domain names under their own name even though the company has no presence within mainland China.

The Rule change will apply to legal entities from 66 countries and simplifies the process considerably. The change also means that it is possible to transfer your existing domain from an affiliate and/or agent to the parent company.

Zacco recommends any company that currently conducts business or has future plans to conduct business in China to register their trademark as a .cn domain, partly to protect the trademark against unauthorized use and partly for the benefit of having a local website where the company can communicate in Chinese.

For questions on domain names you may consult Isaac Keren (Sweden), Lone Prehn (Denmark), Anne Wildeng (Norway), Nils Köster(Germany) and Remy Meeuwse (Netherlands).

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