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April 17, 2015

.sucks added to the list of toplevel domains

Not only have brand owners recently had to consider blocking their trademarks in the new gTLDs .porn and .adult, but now they have to consider what to do about the new toplevel .sucks.

The toplevel was created (allegedly) to make a platform for free speech. The registry has now gone live and during a so-called sunrise period from 30 March 2015 till 29 May 2015, only brand owners who have registered their trademark in the Trademark Clearing House (TMCH) are able to register that trademark as a .sucks domain name. Unfortunately, however, they will have to pay through their nose if they do so: the minimum price for brand owners will be the official fee of USD 1,999 per year per domain name.

When the registry is opened for the general public after 1 June 2015, individuals (consumers) wanting to register a domain name under .sucks will only have to pay USD 5 per year.  

Read more about the toplevel domains .porn and .adult here and about .sucks here. At both pages you will find Zacco's advice on how to deal with these new toplevel domains.

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