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March 19, 2021

Zacco announces five new Senior Partners

We are proud to announce the recent promotion of Sofia Larsson, Johan Hervius Löthman, Malin Mattsson, Jane MÞller Nielsen and Sidse ThinggÄrd to the position of Senior Partner at Zacco.


A Senior Partner promotion is a significant achievement in any area of the legal profession and recognises many of the professional attributes that we believe are integral to our success here at Zacco. We are known for our commitment to quality, integrity and excellence, and all internal promotions are reflective of our colleague’s principles in upholding these responsibilities, as part of their conduct, their performance and their accomplishments.


These promotions recognise an individual’s dedication to developing the business in line with our goals and values and the impact they made is felt throughout the organisation. They have earned the trust and respect of our colleagues, as well as our clients, and their expertise has been widely recognised within the Intellectual Property industry. The talents, skills and capability that they have shown in their professional success, in what is considered a competitive profession, is nothing short of exemplary. Congratulations to all of our new Senior Partners and thank you for being a part of Zacco.


Our new Senior Partners:


Sofia Larsson


Benefiting from an international upbringing with both Swedish and US heritage, Sofia has been working in IP since 2006 before joining Zacco in 2017. During her time here, she has continued to establish her credibility as a ‘go to’ attorney for Swedish clients seeking to protect their inventions in international jurisdictions, as well as assisting international clients with their prosecution of European patent applications, in the field of medical devices and systems. Sofia’s educational background includes a Masters and Ph.D. in Molecular and Cell Biology, respectively, and her time as a researcher has contributed extensively to her ability to evaluate invention potential. Her prior experience as an in-house patent manager in a medical device company has provided her with her valuable insight into aligning product development with protection of IP rights and IP strategy development.  She has extensive knowledge of novelty and FTO searches, drafting and prosecution and often contributes to legal disputes involving patents or Due Diligence investigations. Beyond her established experience in medical technology, biomaterials and health care products, she has since developed her proficiency in manufacturing, mechanics and biotechnology.


Sofia has been ranked as one of the IAM Patent 1000 Recommended Individuals for both 2019 and 2020. Her pragmatic and insightful attitude, extensive expertise and adaptive approach places Sofia at the centre of many of her clients IP strategies. A position that continues to strengthen her reputation here at Zacco and demonstrates her belief in the ongoing development and improvement of her clients’ IP rights.



Johan Hervius Löthman


Johan joined the field of IP in 2005 after completing a Masters in Engineering Physics with a focus on the theoretical fields of quantum mechanics and particle physics. This broad education and diverse experience has served him well since joining Zacco as it has contributed to his ability to advise on a range of technical fields including software, algorithms, Cloud-based Services and IOT, as well as telecommunications and sensor and measurement technology. His skills in patent, including drafting, prosecution, FTO, patentability and dispute resolution have put him in high demand. Johan works in close proximity with his clients, often advising on the practicalities of their IP strategy and development. Beyond his expertise in IT, Software and Telecommunications, Johan has also developed extensive experience in in both the MedTech and the automotive industries.


Johan places great importance on fully understanding his client’s needs ensuring that his counsel is developed in line with their requirements and in a positon to fulfil their business objectives. He is a respected and trusted colleague at Zacco and this promotion is reflective of his ability as an attorney and his reputation as a partner


Malin Mattsson


Malin’s career has developed from her educational background in Industrial Engineering and Management. She joined Zacco in 2013, working as a patent attorney within the mechanical and technological fields. Her engineering expertise has been invaluable throughout her career in IP allowing Malin to quickly identify the real-world value of her clients patents and her time spent in the Swedish Patent Office has led to a clear understanding of best practice, as well as how to encourage an application’s likelihood of success. Malin is an expert in patent drafting and prosecution as well as novel, FTO and validity searches and her extensive experience in mechatronics, manufacturing and process technology and mechanical engineering has seen her become a trusted advisor in the energy, automotive, aerospace and the defence sectors.


Previously ranked as a Rising Star by MIP in 2018, Malin’s expertise and ability has seen her remain at the top of many of her clients’ call lists when it comes to the IP development process. Her standing as a practical and capable consultant has contributed to her success at Zacco and continues to reflect her reputation for excellence.


Jane MĂžller Nielsen


Jane holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics, which has been put to extensive use since she joined Zacco in 2008. Her skills and scientific knowledge offer the perfect position from which to advise on IP in the areas of mechanics, optics and chemistry. She has developed extensive experience in the fields of medical devices, life sciences, agriculture, energy, sustainability and green tech but has also established herself as a capable and dedicated IP strategist in areas outside of the sciences, including in the fields of construction, furniture and consumer products.


Jane has worked with Zacco throughout her career in IP and has established herself capable attorney, advising her clients on all aspects of the IP development process and ensuring this aligns with their business objectives. Her expertise in patents, from drafting, landscaping and strategy to prosecution, opposition/appeals, monitoring, FTO analysis and portfolio management have all contributed to Jane’s success and her recent appointment is a reflection of her ability and talent as well as the position she holds here at Zacco.


Sidse ThinggÄrd


Demonstrating a similar high level of scientific understanding, Sidse graduated from university with a Masters in Physics and began working in IP in 2006 when she first joined Zacco. She has seamlessly incorporated her scientific education and understanding into her work, often advising clients on the practical implications of IP rights across multiple technological fields. These include expertise in medical devices, electronic devices, biophysics, biosensors and other electronics but Sidse has since also established her expertise in the fields of software and telecommunications.


After working in-house with a leading medical technology company for a few years between 2010 to 2014, Sidse returned to Zacco and has never looked back. Her commitment to her clients, her extensive patent knowledge in drafting, prosecution, oppositions and appeals, as well as her ability within IP strategy development, has made Sidse a significant and integral part of Zacco.


We hope you will join us in congratulating our new senior partners on this significant accomplishment and for pushing the boundaries of what IP can accomplish.





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