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April 20, 2016

Zacco launches new business area: Information & IT Security

From today Zacco will expand the range of services when we introduce the new business area ”Information & IT Security”.  The new business area will be headed by Director Jonas Halldin.

As the world moves towards the height of the information age many companies also face new challenges when utilizing their intellectual property. Mitigating the risk of either losing intangible assets or failing to protect those assets is considered to be mandatory for realizing business opportunities and achieving a competitive advantage. Not all companies are fully prepared to deal with the different risks involved.

Risk evaluation and catching innovation opportunities using the proper legal instruments and technical measures are examples of areas in which Zacco takes great concern.

Securing an organization's innovations by various legal rights is just as important as protecting other forms of intangible assets like business and finance information. Increasing legislative and regulatory requirements regarding the handling of various types of information may increase the burden, while all the information must remain accessible to selected groups. The consequences for not protecting those assets intellectual property can not only damage the organization’s reputation but also result in severe financial losses and opportunities for non-tuition revenue.

The new business area by Zacco forms another pillar of our risk and opportunity management approach and is seamlessly integrated into our current portfolio of intellectual property services. It offers clients a further perspective onto protection and utilization of their intangible assets, innovations and intellectual property.

For more information please contact Director Jonas Halldin or CEO Mats Boström.

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