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December 19, 2017

Zacco is a Top PCT Filing Firm in Sweden

Zacco is again among the Top Filing Firms in the IP Stars PCT Leaders report being mentioned as a Top 5 Filer for Sweden in a table that does not specify the second to fifth rank.

Managing International Property has recently issued the IP Stars PCT leaders report 2017 for several prominent patent jurisdictions based on the total number of international PCT applications the top patent agencies and law firms have filed during 2014-2016. Previous PCT Surveys results and IP Star Rankings have also influenced the identification of relevant firms.

What is a PCT filing? The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) offers a framework for applicants seeking international patent protection. Right now there are 152 PCT Contracting States. The filing under the PCT has the same effect as national filings in the contracting states provided it follows certain requirements. Still, the national or regional patent offices have to grant the patent in what is called the "national phase", usually entered 30 months after the initial filing. At this point costs for translation, local agents and office fees occur due to the choice of designated countries. The applicant can choose the PCT route directly or within 12 month from the filing date of a first application. And it is a popular route as the applicant gains time for market decisions and postpones the costs: The PCT Yearly Review 2017 published by the international authority WIPO states an increase of 7,3 % in PCT applications for 2016 (annual growth rate).