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September 17, 2012

Zacco unites under one name

As from today all operations within the group are named Zacco.The decision leads to a name change for the company in Sweden, from Albihns.Zacco to Zacco. In Norway, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands the name change has no effect.

"The last ten years have been very eventful for us. We have gone through several mergers, which have resulted in that today we are one of the largest IP consultancy firms in Europe. Uniting under one name feels like a natural step for us now when we are increasing our focus on growth", says Stefan Ölander, Chairman of the Board.

The IP industry has during the last five years transformed, mainly due to the overall global trend of globalization, harmonization and increased competition. The interest and knowledge in the IP field has also increased which leads to IP being looked upon as a strategic asset that, if used right, can generate substantial income for companies. For Zacco, this means that besides offering traditional services we have broadened and adopted the existing service offering to meet the increased demand for strategic and legal counselling.

To answer to the changes in the IP industry Zacco has also modified the composition of the Board of Directors and engaged several external board members, giving the group valuable input from other industries and business sectors.

"We see a big difference in how IP is handled among companies. Today it is more often a management question, which it should be. IP assets are often connected with high values and these could also potentially generate large incomes. As a result, the consultancy side of our business is getting closer to strategy and management consultancy where it is closely linked to the companies’ overall business strategies and development", says Stefan Ölander.

For more information, please contact:

Stefan Ölander, Chairman of the Board on  +46 70 739 80 00 or e- mail stefan.olander@zacco.com  or

Christian Lindell, CEO Zacco Sweden AB on +46 8 59 88 72 27 or e-mail christian.lindell@zacco.com


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