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Supplementary Protection Certificates

Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs) are stand-alone rights that can be obtained for pharmaceuticals and plant protection products

Portfolio Handling and Paralegal Services

Zacco offer high quality and cost efficient formalities handling

Monitoring and Watch

Monitoring and Watch

Clearance Searches

It is important to review if there are conflicting designs when you are on your way to launch a new product.

Conflict Handling and Enforcement

It is sometimes necessary to take legal action in order to protect your exclusive right and in order to maintain the value of your trademark.

Conflict Handling and Enforcement

Zacco’s design attorneys are experienced in solving various legal challenges within the area of design law.

Cancellation Actions

Whether you need to have a design cancelled or would like to defend your registration in a cancellation procedure, Zacco can help.


It is important to monitor your brand to be able to see how it is used and exposed.

Patent Drafting

Patent Drafting

Oppositions and Appeals

Success at oppositions and appeals at the EPO can be vital for your patents and it may determine if your patents remain in force.