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Patent Litigation Support

With a strong patent litigation team in place, it is possible to both protect market share and extend a product’s life span.

Freedom to Operate

Can you be certain that your new product does not infringe the rights of others? Freedom to Operate (FTO) is a question of risk management.

Landscape Analysis

A landscape search can be a search for patents in a particular technical field, from specific companies or inventors, or based on any other search strategy you can think of

Prior Art Search

A prior art search tries to find descriptions of technical solutions in the patent literature – or in other technical publications

Patent Monitoring

In addition to protecting your own assets, your competitors must be monitored more carefully and at an earlier stage.

Patent Strategy

Being a technological first mover requires a flexible and adaptive strategy for protecting your technological assets.


​Zacco has vast experience in representing our clients in opposition proceedings, which helps our client gain a competitive advantage.

Cancellation Actions

Whether you need to have a trademark cancelled or would like to defend your registration in a cancellation procedure, Zacco can help.

Conflict Handling and Enforcement

What we are doing is that we help our clients to build a wall around their digital brands and if we find an infringement worth acting on we have different ways to proceed.

Clearance Searches

It is important to review whether there are any conflicting trademarks registered prior to adopting and launching a new brand.