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Monitoring and Watch

Zacco has access to advanced monitoring tools which will quickly identify any concerning trademark applications.


Our experts in anti-counterfeiting will help you to find and stop counterfeiters wherever they operate.

Marketing and Regulatory

Your success with Marketing and Regulatory activities and ensuing commercialisation on research depends on careful preparation.

Patent Annuities

We want to be a full IP service provider to our clients and we believe that our clients obtain the best possible IP handling when having one point of entry for all IP services

Trademark Renewals

Cost competiveness and high security – these are the two main concerns companies have when thinking about trademark renewal handling

Design Renewals

We constantly strive to develop our services, such as renewals handling, by using state-of-the art solutions.


We can handle your recordals in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland directly with the national authorities in a very efficient manner.


We have one of the strongest platforms in the market and provide top quality DNS and SSL solutions.

Strategy Implementation

You need to translate your IP strategy into fully-fledged, implemented and well-managed operational actions and measures. 

IP Risk Management

IP infringement are high-risk matters which can have significant consequences for your business strategy, finances and reputation. You should know and manage these risks.