Björn Wessman

Senior System Developer

+46 31 725 81 74


Björn, who joined Zacco in 2017, has been designing and developing software solutions since 2002.

Today he works as a Senior Software Consultant, focusing on Java EE and Web related technologies. He has a particularly strong experience in front-end solutions but is also comfortable in the role as full stack Java Software Architect, including integration and backend. He is also used to lead a team of developers in both agile and more rigid setups and he likes to work close to customers, being involved in pre-studies and requirement analysis.

Björn has a vast experience working in the automotive industry, especially on the logistics side, as well as in telecom and statistics/market research. Some of the companies he has had assignments for is AB Volvo, Volvo Cars, Ericsson and TNS-SIFO.

He has a Master in Computer Science and he is a SUN Certified Programmer and Developer since many years back.

Björn always aim to deliver the highest possible quality in all situations. He is appreciated by co-workers for his analytical skills and his will to mediate a deep understanding of the solution, to IT and business alike.

Areas Of Expertise

Software Development
IP Awareness
Digital Transformation
Platform Innovation