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Jennifer Godorn

Jennifer Godorn

Associate Attorney
Attorney at Law
About Jennifer Godorn
Jennifer is an associate attorney specialized within intellectual property. She counsels and assists our clients with the protection of their trademarks and designs by registration and enforcement of rights through contracts and legal actions. She also works with strategy consulting, disputes, acquisitions, and portfolio management relating to domain names.
Prior to joining Zacco in 2018, Jennifer has worked as a trademark and domain name attorney at another IP company and as an associate at a business law firm.
Jennifer graduated in 2016. She holds an LL.M from University of Gothenburg. Her legal education also included courses at Queen Mary University of London.
Areas of expertise
    • Online Brand Protection
    • Terms of use (software/website)
    • Strategy Development
    • Trademark Monitoring and Watch
    • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
    • Contracts and agreements
    • Anti-Counterfeiting
    • Trademark Cancellation Actions
    • Digital Brand Workshop & Policy
    • Trademark Licensing
    • Identity Assets report
    • IP Strategy Workshops and Coaching
    • Trademark Renewals
    • Trademark Oppositions
    • Copyright
    • Trademark Clearance Searches
    • IP Audit
    • Digital Brand Disputes and Enforcement
    • Domain Name Acquisitions
    • Trademark Prosecution
    • Trademark Enforcement
    • SSL Management
    • Portfolio Management
    • IP Risk Management
    • Trademark Clearinghouse
    • Trade Secrets protection
    • Email Security
    • Portfolio Handling and Paralegal Services
    • Strategy Implementation
    • Portfolio Outsourcing
    • Digital Brand Due Diligence
    • Secure DNS Management
    • Corporate Domain Management
Technical field
    • Digitalization
Industry Expertise
    • Retail
    • Consumer Products
    • Energy, Gas, Oil & Power
    • Furniture
    • Food & Beverage
    • IT & Software
    • Industrial Design
    • Media & Entertainment