Michael Vingborg Kjelstrup

Patent Attorney

+45 39 48 81 73



Michael joined Zacco in 2016 as a trainee patent attorney within the field of life science and is currently advising clients within among others patent drafting and prosecution, patent search, and Freedom-To-Operate.

Prior to joining Zacco, Michael studied Nanoscience and Medicinal Chemistry at Aarhus University, Department of Chemistry and iNANO. During his university training, Michael gained expertise within the fields of organic chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry, molecular diagnostics, and nanoscience.

Michael graduated from Aarhus University in 2014 with a M.Sc. in medicinal chemistry and in 2016 with a PhD degree in nanoscience. His research involved a sensor assay for fast small molecule detection in blood samples utilized in point-of-care diagnostics. Michael’s research has led to patenting of the sensor assay technology as well as establishment and co-founding of two companies and funding of the project through a major grant in 2014 from the Innovation foundation.

Areas Of Expertise

Patent Drafting
Patent Prosecution
Freedom to Operate
Prior Art Search
Patent Monitoring

Competence Areas
Life Science
GreenTech (Cleantech)
Food Technology