Nicklas Ökvist

Software Consultant


Nicklas joined Zacco in 2018 as a Software Consultant, and focuses on C# .NET development.

Nicklas has experience from both front and back end development, including quite a lot of SQL database programming. Prior to joining Zacco he spent several years developing automated system integrated processes for broadcast and other media distribution companies. Since joining Zacco he has been working with integrations into existing systems as well as full stack development of new systems, using platforms and technologies such as .NET Core, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Bot Framework, Microsoft Teams, Slack, RFID, IdentityServer4, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, TypeScript and Angular.

Nicklas holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from Uppsala University, with a thesis focusing on the GDPR requirements for data protection by design and by default.

He is used to working close to customers, has the ability to understand complex business processes, and the skills to handle processes and data structures in both overall and detail perspectives.

Having worked within the fields of IT, media, education, retail and music business, Nicklas also has experience from copyright licensing, media transcoding, teaching, retail management and project management.

By customers Nicklas is appreciated for being an attentive, pragmatic and pedagogical problem solver.

Areas Of Expertise

Software Development