Per Sjörs

Senior System Analyst

+46 31 725 81 57


Per joined Zacco in 2017 and has been working with different aspects of software development since 1998.

Currently, Per is working as project manager for internal IT-projects at Zacco.

Per has a strong focus on understanding and analysing the needs that business and users has. He is a good speaker and a good listener with many years of experience in leading groups in the role as team leader, project manager, workshop leader, Scrum master, etc.

Starting as a developer, working in the roles mentioned above as well as working with software architecture and user experience design; he has a deep understanding of how software is built. He has been working with techniques like RUP, Scrum, user centric design, test driven development (TDD), behaviour driven development (BDD), business impact mapping, etc.

Per has a master’s degree in computer science and has been working in the fields of logistics, automotive and public authority.

Per is analytic, creative, thorough and pragmatic. He will strive for deliver the best solution to the right problem, considering the practical constraints.

Areas Of Expertise

Software Development
IP Awareness
Digital Transformation
Platform Innovation