Stefan Von Stein

Senior Software Consultant

+46 8 59 88 72 46 / +46 707 96 07 13


Stefan joined Zacco in 2017 and has more than 20 years of experience in the IT field as a developer.

Today he work as a technology consultant focusing on Java and Clojure. Stefan focuses on simplicity, software that you can live with as long as you need. Stefan has spent a lot of time hunting performance bottlenecks and has hence learned the art of writing programs that are easy to change and evolutionary architectures.

Customers value his ability to quickly attain domain knowledge and business value as he builds their new systems.

Stefan has worked in industries like Bank, Insurance and Finance, Telecom, Transportation, Cosmetics, Medicine and Construction for companies like SEB, OMX, UC, Skatteverket, Trygg Hansa,  Glocalnet, Eniro, Ericsson, SJ, SL, H&M and Siemens Medical. He is a certified Java Developer and has more than 15 years of experience of both Java and Agile methodologies like Extreme programing (XP) and later Scrum

He is an appreciated speaker and presenter of programming techniques like functional programming, concurrency, asynchronous architectures and performance engineering. Stefan loves to teach. He won’t leave an organization that hasn’t learned anything, whether it is from himself or someone else.

Areas Of Expertise

Software Development
Digital Transformation
Internet of Things
Platform Innovation