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Stig H. Ekmann

Stig H. Ekmann

Attorney at Law / Advokat (L)
Master of Law
About Stig H. Ekmann
Stig H. Ekmann is an experienced lawyer with a particular focus on the legal, strategic, contractual and business aspects of intellectual property law, marketing compliance and the protection of trade secrets. Besides counselling and assisting our international and national clients within these fields and areas related thereto, Stig also provides advice and handles matters related to protection of personal data (GDPR), corporate law, domain name disputes, consumer law and media law.
Stig is experienced in drafting and negotiating contracts such as various co-operation agreements, confidentiality agreements, license agreement, coexistence agreements and settlement agreements, where he is not only servicing clients externally but also Zacco’s offices and departments internally.
A large part of Stig’s daily work consist of representing our clients in litigation and in cross-border dispute resolution, where he appears before Danish courts and is a professional representative before the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).
Stig is entitled to appear before the High Courts of Denmark and in all cases before The Danish Maritime and Commercial Court.
Since 2018 Stig has been ranked at the prestigious WTR1000 list as a recommended individual in the category “Enforcement and Litigation”. For 2019 the motivation reads: “His advice is unfaltering, whether it is received by a small company or one of the most renowned brands in the world.” For 2020, WTR refers to him as “..the highly effective Stig H Ekmann. He performs superbly and the results obtained are even better – clients are fully confident in his work.” and for 2021 Stig is referred to as a “full-time litigator with numerous wins to his name”.
Stig is member of a number of professional associations and network such as The Danish Marketing Law Association, The Danish Association of Data Protection,  The Danish Association of Entertainment and Media Lawyers, The Association of Oresundsadvokater, DKPTO’s IP Enforcement Network, The International Association of Privacy Professionals and The Danish Anti-Counterfeiting Group (DACG).
Since 2017 Stig has been an active committee member of MARQUES’ Unfair Competition Team.
Before joining Zacco in September 2011, Stig worked in the legal department of The Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, with Sandel, Løje & Wallberg law firm and in the legal department of The Danish Union of Journalists. Stig holds a Master of Law from the University of Copenhagen.
WTR 1000 Recommended Individual 2021
Areas of expertise
    • IP Strategy Workshops and Coaching
    • Online Brand Protection
    • Design Licensing
    • Recordals
    • Strategy Implementation
    • Trademark Cancellation Actions
    • Licensing
    • Trademark Monitoring and Watch
    • Strategy Development
    • Trademark Prosecution
    • Design Monitoring and Watch
    • Terms of use (software/website)
    • Trade Secrets protection
    • Design Cancellation Actions
    • Validation
    • Digital Brand Disputes and Enforcement
    • Trademark Licensing
    • Outsourcing agreements
    • Trademark Clearinghouse
    • Translation
    • Trademark Oppositions
    • Corporate Domain Management
    • Design Enforcement
    • Privacy (GDPR, Cloud Act, Data Protection Act)
    • Copyright
    • Domain Name Acquisitions
    • IT Agreements
    • IT Litigation
    • Trademark Renewals
    • Contracts and agreements
    • Design Clearance Searches
    • Anti-Counterfeiting
    • Due Diligence
    • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
    • IP Risk Management
    • Contract Management
    • Design Prosecution
    • Trademark Enforcement
Industry Expertise
    • Industrial Design
    • Energy, Gas, Oil & Power
    • Food & Beverage
    • Building & Construction
    • Consumer Products
    • Hygiene Products
    • Architecture
    • Media & Entertainment
    • Furniture
    • Telecommunications
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Retail
    • Automotive
    • Arts & Crafts