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Patent Annuities

Cost competiveness and high security – these are the two main concerns companies have when thinking about annuity handling. At Zacco we understand that when clients leave their patents to be renewed by us, these are the 2 main concerns.

We want to be a full IP service provider to our clients and we believe that our clients obtain the best possible IP handling when having one point of entry for all IP services. This is why we are constantly striving to develop our services, such as annuity handling, by using state-of-the art solutions.

We engage with the best annuity providers in the market and thereby obtain the best cost effective solution and highest security for you. We trust that our solution will provide you with the lowest total costs and we would like to challenge you on this if you think differently.


Betina Hellemann

Betina Hellemann

PartnerDirector Business Services and Quality
Morten Hukiær Jensen

Morten Hukiær Jensen

Manager Trademark Renewals
Nathalia  Petersén

Nathalia Petersén

Renewal Coordinator