Zacco | IP Portfolio Outsourcing - We can manage your entire IP portfolio on your behalf

IP Portfolio Outsourcing

Do you need help with consolidating your IP Portfolio? Our clients choose to outsource their portfolios to Zacco in order to reduce administration and the cost of prosecution and maintaining these portfolios.

Are there assets, tasks or functions within your intellectual property work that you need help with handling? Perhaps because you lack the resources or need to find a new, more cost-efficient way of handling standardised processes. If yes, IP Portfolio Outsourcing could be the solution you are looking for.

We can adapt the outsourcing project to your needs

Depending on the assistance you require, Zacco could handle the following for you:

    • A specific part of your portfolio, e.g. the medium important IP assets
    • Parts of your IP process, e.g. patent prosecution in relevant jurisdictions, such as US, EP and CN, patentability screenings of invention disclosures, etc.
    • Specific professional functions, e.g. patent and/or trademark paralegals or patent and/or trademark attorneys
    • A certain range of tasks, e.g. all patent and/or trademark administration

Zacco’s broad perspective on IP rights also includes protection of your digital assets, such as data, apps, code or software. Therefore, our services extend into the related areas of Digital Brand protection, cybersecurity and secure development. Thus, you could also choose to outsource all handling of e.g. your cybersecurity issues to our experts.

Zacco: Cost-efficient outsourcing of your IP portfolio

All in all, we offer:

    • handling of the entire process from idea/creation to expiry of IP rights
    • handling of your IP portfolio at your location or at our offices
    • independent and high-quality prosecution of patent applications in US, EP, PCT, IN, CN, BR and other relevant jurisdictions at fixed fees that both enhances your cost control and reduce the overall costs

We have dedicated and experienced outsourcing teams including senior experts within both patents, cybersecurity, etc. We will provide you with a customised solution and highly competitive offer after having discussed your needs and volumes at an introduction meeting. Contact us today!

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