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IP Strategy Implementation

To implement the IP strategy you have decided upon means to take the necessary actions to make it diffuse through your organization and gain ownership of it.

Transforming the strategy document into actions and measures The complexity of this transfer varies depending on purpose, technology, size and maturity of your business. These are some of the actions to take when you aim at a successful and sustainable implementation:

    • In order to gain ownership throughout the organization, clearly articulate how the IP strategy supports your business goals and make them measurable
    • Identify the types of IP needed for any given innovation, eg conventional patent, trade secrets, defensive publications
    • Align and install internal and external processes to make sure that input to your patent or other IP activities, such as drafting and filings, are aligned with your chosen business strategy
    • Educate your innovators and inventors in IP awareness
    • Perform IP landscape analyses of your IP and that of your competitors on a regular basis
    • Enforce your IP vs other IP and against eg piracy and counterfeiting
    • Extract and measure the value of IP, e.g. through licensing agreements

Get Zacco‚Äôs help to ensure a smooth implementation process Zacco can help you facilitate successful implementation and act as your external collaborator. We also offer counselling on e.g. the digital presence of your company and products online ‚Äď our Digital Brand services, and Cyber Security services can help you minimize the risk of your innovations and information being unintentionally distributed, disclosed and accessed by unauthorized parties. Contact us!

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