IP Strategy Workshops and Coaching

Planned education as workshops and coaching contributes to an increased IP awareness and better decisions on intangible assets throughout your organization.

Knowledge is key

No matter your starting point, even if you are quite used to working with an IP consultancy like Zacco and/or you already have in-house IP competences, you may benefit from the synergy of an IP strategy workshop for you arranged and facilitated by Zacco where we can exchange knowledge and input.
Alternatively, you may benefit from personalized coaching sessions tailored to hone your specific IP skills.
Zacco can help you

    • Acquire fundamental knowledge about IP or about specific IP-related topics
    • Leverage IP and its significance to your company
    • Link your IP to your business goals and commercialize your IP
    • Decide on the best enforcement and defense strategies
    • Discover missed IP opportunities in your company
    • Protect your innovation and proprietary information from unintended disclosure and unauthorized access

Contact us! Zacco will set up a unique team of relevant experts and draft a relevant agenda to prepare you and your IP for your specific geography, markets and products.

Talk to us!

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