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ISO27000 Assessments & Consulting

How secure do you think you are? How secure would you like to be? Zacco’s ISO27000 Assessments and Consulting service can help keep your intellectual property assets secure by assessing a company’s current IT security level and implementing the required controls.

ISO27000 is a specially developed method for systematically comparing a company’s current IT security level and the controls already implemented with the most prominent security threats at this point in time. As more and more companies are hit by cyber threats and attacks, IT security has never been more important than it is today.

Our ISO27000 Assessments and Consulting service gives a clear overview of a company’s current IT security level and applies a set of control standards in order to ensure that your IT security is up to date – internally as well as externally.

This service includes:

    • An analysis of the company’s IT security level based on central areas such as Email, Network, Processes, Employees, Clients etc.
    • An overview and in-depth description of the company’s current technical protection.
    • A report containing a summary and general outline interpreting the results of the ISO27000 Assessment for the company management and board.
    • A list of recommendations and a tool for prioritising which measures should be taken first.

Zacco Cyber Security has extensive experience with ISO27000 Assessments and Consulting, and our approach to IT security is consistent with recognised industry practices. Contact us today!

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