Zacco | Trademark and Design Cancellation Actions

Trademark and Design Cancellation Actions

A cancellation action essentially is a process that challenges the continued registration of a trademark or design. At Zacco, we help many of our clients manage trademark and design cancellation actions.

If someone else’s registered mark or design is similar to yours, you may protect your business and secure your competitive advantage by cancelling the registration. Cancelling a trademark or design registration means eliminating the registration from the official database. This process may allow others subsequently to register the trademark or design.

You need valid grounds for requesting a cancellation of a trademark or design

For example, you may challenge a trademark or design registration on the grounds that:

    • It interferes with the existence of prior rights, such as a trademark or design
    • With respect to trademark rights,
      • it is no longer in use
      • the use of the registered trademark would damage your trademark, if reputed
    • With respect to designs,
      • if the registered design was not new or lacked individual character

Our attorneys can help you
Whether you need to have a trademark or design cancelled or would like to defend your registration in a cancellation procedure, we can help. Contact us today!

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