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IP Strategy - development of strategies for licensing and sale of IP rights

Defining the value of intellectual property (IP) assets is critical to any profitable IP sale, license or acquisition. It demands a broad range of legal, financial, and technical expertise, all of which enable you to maximise profitability and minimise risks in transactions involving IP rights. Zacco’s value extraction services focus on advising clients on how to best leverage the commercial value of their IP portfolios. Depending on your specific needs, these services fall into one or more of the following areas: IP strategy, IP transaction, IP valuation, IP Audit and IP due diligence.

IP strategy
An IP strategy can mean many different things, and where one aspect is commercializing IP. This could mean that if you are interested in buying, selling or licensing IP, Zacco can assist you finding buyers, sellers or investors. There may be many questions you may want to ask yourself before you find buyers or investors. For example, how strong is a patent if you plan to litigate a patent, is there a market, how to put a value on the assets, and so on. Independently of the questions you may have, all companies are different, and there are no standard solutions for a proper IP Strategy. What Zacco offers is an IP strategy tailored by a unique team created to serve your company and which provides advice that will strengthen your position in future or present negotiations.

Risk assessment of the IP
The IP Strategy may involve risk assessment of the IP, which may cover ownership issues, existing IP rights and issues having impact on future revenue streams. The purpose of a risk assessment analysis can be to measure a company's ability to exclude competition if its products are free from interference by third parties, and/or its possibilities to enforce such rights. A well conducted risk assessment can help you to avoid investment in products that are blocked by third-party IP rights. It will provide guidance on how to work around painful discoveries. This will not only avoid unnecessary costs, but will also provide valuable insights on how to secure future licensing revenues.

Analysing the situation
A well prepared IP Strategy can also cover a product and market analysis to identify price points based on IP, which may include to identify use of products, market segments, customers and market data.  We can assist you in evaluating the current market situation by thoroughly analysing all aspects of the market situation and we look for opportunities and threats that need to be considered. We will also highlight key issues to be considered and provide strategic recommendations to handle such potential issues.

Strategic recommendations
Having analysed the market situation in combination with your IP’s strengths and weaknesses, we will work together with you and your company’s overall strategy to define the best possible paths/ strategic choices for you to decide on. 

Plan for implementation
Deciding on an IP strategy is of great importance, but only if you combine that with a solid plan for implementing the strategy.  Our IP strategy work will therefore also offer support to create a concrete plan for implementation of the strategy and tools for measuring the success of such implementation.


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