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Internet of Things – digitizing the physical world

Understanding how to apply IoT technology will enable your business to create real economic value. The IoT will drive – and in some cases force – the creation of new services and business models.

The number of connected devices will grow exponentially and by 2020 the number of connected devices are projected to be around 50 billion. The business value of IoT will be a significant part of a company´s value that cannot be reached without a proper IoT strategy. IoT is projected to be 11% of the total world economy by 2025. This means that the impact of IoT is enormous and in the more traditional industries it will be essential who has the ability to evolve into software companies.

Enablers and barriers:

  • Interoperability – different IoT systems must be able to communicate with one another
  • Security – new categories of risk that IoT can introduce must be addressed and handled
  • Integrity – ensure how and what data that is used in a transparent and protected way
  • Intellectual property – a common understanding of ownership rights to the data that is produced
  • Cloud computing - take advantage of the power of cloud computing
  • Big data - unlocking the potential in the vast amount of data that is created

Entering the IoT landscape requires an understanding of the enablers and barriers mentioned above in order to take advantage of the full potential of IoT.

The combination of Zacco´s expertise in innovation, software development, IS/IT security and intellectual property, give us a unique advantage when it comes to creating, establishing and ensuring the value of innovation. 

Zacco delivers in all phases as well as complete projects from idea and concept to market.

With more than 350 professionals, we put together teams with the best from our customers and our own expertise within Intellectual Property, IS/IT Security and Software Development.

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