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Digital Transformation

Almost all devices and systems are becoming connected. They are becoming more aware of their surroundings and have to make more intelligent decisions.

Megatrends that drive transformation are:

  • Universal connectivity
  • Growing amount of data
  • Growing focus on environment
  • Intelligent solutions and services
  • Globalisation of value chains
  • Exploratory analytics and visualization

This will have an impact on almost every industry. Challenges industries are facing:

  • Lack of qualified employees
  • Concerns on cloud security, data and IP protection
  • Likely to disrupt your current business

The combination of Zacco´s expertise in innovation, software development, IS/IT security and Intellectual Property, give us a unique advantage when it comes to structuring, creating, establishing and ensuring the value of innovation within digitalization. 

Zacco delivers in all phases as well as complete projects from idea and concept to released developed product on the market.

With more than 350 professionals, we put together teams with the best from our customers and our own expertise within Intellectual Property, IS/IT Security and Software Development.

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