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Patent prosecution outsourcing

Multinational Patent Prosecution can be complex, expensive and time consuming.

Do you need a partner who can manage patent prosecution for your IP portfolio, freeing up your IP staff to focus on more valuable work?

Outsourcing your patent prosecution can potentially achieve cost savings of up to 30%

Operating from within one of Europe’s leading IP firms, our experts have a detailed understanding of differing national requirements and we have the systems and processes in place to develop a bespoke service to fit your needs. Zacco successfully handles the patent prosecution for independent SMEs and multinational Fortune500s.
Our unique portfolio outsourcing service could help you:

    • to manage your IP budget more resourcefully
    • fill a temporary need for patent staff
    • assist with establishing patents in territories with slower granting procedures
    • free up your current IP staff
    • reduce your existing costs without compromising on quality

We handle the entire patent lifecycle from PCT national phase entry to prosecution across all major jurisdictions. From a single point of contact, available 24/7, we can manage the entire process internally offering a more efficient and cost effective approach. You can choose how much (or how little) support you require, when, where and for how long as well as to what extent your in-house legal team should be involved.

Your organisation can focus on innovating and priority filings while we handle the rest.

Get in touch to learn more about how we can offer you a bespoke streamlined service that saves you time and reduces your current costs, without compromising on quality or consistency.
For more information, please reach out to: Peggy Bengtsson – Director Portfolio Outsourcing – +45 24943534 or send an email to

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