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Trademark Renewals

Cost competiveness and high security – these are the two main concerns companies have when thinking about renewal handling. At Zacco we understand that when clients leave their Trademarks to be renewed by us, these are the 2 main concerns.

However, in line with Zacco’s 360° perspective on IP, we consider that always having a business perspective is just as crucial . This is why a Trademark Renewal at Zacco is not only a matter of a payment of a fee, but rather a strategic tool to make important business decisions such as Does my Trademark Portfolio match my product portfolio and my brands?.

At Zacco we therefore offer 2 different Trademark Renewal services -  A standardized renewal set-up where Zacco’s Renewal department will inform you of any upcoming due dates. A customized renewal set-up in which an experienced Attorney will add strategic advice.

We want to be a full IP service provider to our clients and we believe that our clients obtain the best possible IP handling when having one point of entry for all IP services. This is why we are constantly striving to develop our services, such as renewal handling, by using state-of-the art solutions.

We engage with the best renewal providers in the market and thereby obtain the best cost effective solution and highest security for you. We trust that our solution will provide you with the lowest total costs and we would like to challenge you on this if you think differently.


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Siavasch Dowlatschahi

Siavasch Dowlatschahi

Renewal Coordinator
Betina Hellemann

Betina Hellemann

PartnerDirector Business Services and Quality
Charlotta Hjorth
Michael Jessen

Michael Jessen

Renewal Administrator
Pernilla Karlsson

Pernilla Karlsson

Renewal Coordinator
Carina Landberg

Carina Landberg

Senior Renewal Coordinator
Kari Berg  Nyhus

Kari Berg Nyhus

Trademark Administrator
Veronika Olsson

Veronika Olsson

Renewal Coordinator
Nathalia  Petersén

Nathalia Petersén

System and Process Manager
Benthe Ringstad

Benthe Ringstad

Renewal Assistant
Nitasha Vinding

Nitasha Vinding

Renewal Administrator