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White Papers

Get more insights on specific topics within the world of IP. All white papers are written by our experts.

White Paper

How to address Internet of Things (IoT) from a Patent perspective

This white paper outlines the challenges most companies will face in the area of IoT.

White Paper

Green Tech and IP strategies

This White Paper will give an overview of what different IP offices offer regarding accelerated examination programs for green patent applications and filing strategies.

White Paper

Why is the protection of trade secrets essential?

Developing and maintaining professional knowledge is an essential component in sustaining a competitive edge.

White Paper

Why combating counterfeiting should be of highest priority

This white paper explains what you can do to prepare your business against counterfeiting

White Paper

Know-How as a Legal Term

Know-how and trade secrets are at the backbone of a company’s intellectual capital.

White Paper

IP Rights - How to make money on them?

Your unneeded left-over IP rights, if any, may be highly desirable to others.

White Paper

Biotech Licensing

There are several important issues to consider when drawing up licensing agreements concerning IP rights.

White Paper

The New Unitary Patent System

A new unitary patent system is about to be implemented in Europe. In this white paper, we analyse what it means to patent applicants.

White Paper

Registering Intellectual Property Rights in Japan

A comprehensive Japanese IP strategy is increasingly important for any company aiming to do business in the Asia-Pacific region.

White Paper

Patent Litigation Support

How the right team can ensure successful enforcement of patent rights.