Working At Zacco

Our Culture

The larger part of our offices are placed in Northern Europe and Scandinavia and hence our culture in Zacco is influenced by the Scandinavian culture. However, we have an international outlook and perspective; our clients range from local start-ups to large, international clients and we work together with companies and colleagues all over the world. Often in tailor-made teams across offices to serve our clients in the best way possible. Consequently, when working at Zacco you will be working with people from other countries and cultures on a regular basis and with all sorts of clients.

We focus on uniting our employees across the company and to work and act as ONE Zacco. When we know each other’s strengths and work seamlessly throughout the organisation, we can advise our clients better.  When working at Zacco, you will therefore become part of an organisation larger than your specific geographical office location. You will be working internationally with highly qualified colleagues and with opportunities to contribute, to develop and to be part of many interesting tasks, projects and assignments.


Pay for Performance

At Zacco we believe in creating and honouring a performance culture and therefore, there is a performance-model for all employees. The model allows the employees to monitor their performance on a monthly basis. As an important part of the performance model is a compensation model called Pay for Performance (PFP) to reward the employees in response to their and their team’s performance.

We are offering a model based on an aggregate compensation package where the total available compensation consists of three parts;

The sum of the fixed salary and the variable salary constitutes the employees OTE salary (On Target Earning).

Under the PFP Model, the OTE salary is paid out when the employees’ performance is exactly on his/her targets – a combination of personal and team targets. The PFP Pay is the employees upside and is paid for overachievement. The PFP Pay is available to the employee performing above his/her targets. The size of the potential to earn PFP-Pay is, up to a threefold upside, linked directly to the value of the variable salary.