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Working at Zacco

Our culture

Working at Zacco means being part of an ambitious culture. We strive to be creative and to inspire our colleagues and clients. We try to rethink the IP business and broadening the scope to the benefit of our clients - We want to be able to make a difference.

We share our knowledge and expertise between us throughout the organization and across borders.

When trying to make a difference it’s the result that counts. We always work hard for concrete results, creating value and strengthening our clients’ competitive edge. We care about our customers business and strive for the best result for them from a business standpoint. We’re always on the look-out for new business opportunities for Zacco and make a positive contribution to the company’s bottom line.

We stay in touch with in our clients and in touch with their needs to make sure that we are there for them whenever they need us. We stay in-touch with what is going on in our field and in our clients business, making sure we’re on the cutting edge. We keep in touch with colleagues in all parts of Zacco so we, together, can make sure that we give the best advice that will really make a difference for their business.

Working across borders

At Zacco we like to have an international perspective. We have offices in Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the UK and collaborate with companies all over the world. At Zacco you will work with people from other countries and from different cultures. We work often together in tailor made teams across our offices to service our clients in the best way.

That’s why we focus to unite our staff across the company, whether they are working in teams, holding daily meetings with colleagues from other countries, or contributing to a project.

Pay For Performance

We strongly believe in creating and honouring a performance culture in Zacco and therefor Zacco has a performance model for all employees.

The performance model allows the employees to closely monitor their performance on a month-to-month basis. As an important part the performance model is a compensation model called Pay for Performance to reward the employees in response to their and their team’s performance.

Pay for Performance (PFP) is a variable compensation model developed to provide large upsides for the performing employee and to drive growth and profitability of our employees and our company.

By offering a compensation system according to the PFP Model we further would like to:

  • Offer to our employees a strong and attractive compensation package rewarding performance on one or more levels,
  • Provide opportunities for all to be in charge of their own compensation,
  • Develop a performance driven culture and encouraging cost awareness,
  • Make Zacco the preferred employer in the business,
  • Give Zacco a competitive position in recruitment

The PFP Model is based on an aggregate compensation package where the total available compensation is divided in three parts;

A first part comprising the fixed salary
A second part comprising the variable salary
A third part comprising the PFP Pay

The sum of the fixed salary and the variable salary constitutes the employees OTE salary (On Target Earning).

Under the PFP Model, On Target Earning is paid out when the employees performance is exactly on his/her targets. The targets are normally a combination of personal and team targets. The PFP-Pay is the employees upside and is paid for overachievement. The PFP-Pay is available to the employee performing above his/her targets.

The size of the potential to earn PFP-Pay is, up to a threefold upside, linked directly to the value of the variable salary.