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Zacco is main partner at the DI Digital Startup Tour 2018

Like last year, Zacco is again proud main partner of the DI Digital Startup Tour. Touring around the country, we will search for Sweden's next big tech sucess. 35 pitching companies compete for great prizes, but also for the attention of venture capitalists and the audience. 

We are collaborating with DI because innovators and startups need a professional partner helping them to become aware of and protect their Intellectual Property. Zacco has both the knowledge and experience to fill this role. Moreover, we provide extensive digital expertise represented by our cyber security, software and digital brands consultants. 

In autumn 2018, the stops of the DI Digital Startup Tour were:

September, 19 - Stockholm
Seven great startups were pitching at the first event in Stockholm. Zaver, Woshapp and Kognity made it to the second round, facing tough questions from the investors in the jury. In the end, Kognity who creates digital textbooks got most votes from the audience and became the first startup to qualify for the final on Nov, 28, in Stockholm. Read more about the winner here (in Swedish).

October, 3 - Luleå
Six startup companies from the region were competing for a ticket to the Startup Tour finals that will take place in Stockholm in November. Exeri took the audience by storm and won the competition with an impressive pitch by their CEO and co-founder Magnus Karlsson. Exeri is a startup founded in 2016 that sends out “smart agents” to detect errors in power grids and according to their pitch aim at shortening the length of power outages by half. All regional champions also win an IP Action Plan from Zacco. Read more about the Luleå event and the winning startup Exeri here (in Swedish).

October, 17 - Linköping
Congrats to Skira, winner of the regional final of the Di Digital Startup Tour at Torn1 in Linköping! Skira, a digital corn exchange, was presented by Felicia Bindekrans who herself has work experience as a farmer. Skira’s pitch and business idea convinced the majority in the audience to vote for them. Now we only need two more participants for the final competition in Stockholm on November 28! Mimbly, Medituner, Kognity and Exeri have already secured their tickets for the final and are now joined by Skira. Read more about the event in Linköping and Skira here (in Swedish).

October, 24 - Gothenburg
When the startup tour held its 4th event at Kajskjul 8 in Gothenburg, many actors of the West Swedish tech scene came and listened to the captivating pitches of seven startups from the region. Marryus, Wrebit and Swedish Algae Factory went to the second round. Pitching CEO Sofie Allert from Swedish Algae Factory won the competition and got the ticket for the final competition in Stockholm (28/11). Congratulations! Read more about the winner, a company that grows and harvests algae and needs funding in order to scale up its production so it can serve markets like eg the solar cells industry here (in Swedish).

November, 7 - Malmö
South Sweden's tech startups were invited to present themselves at Moriska Paviljongen in Malmö, the last regional pitching competition of this year's tour. One last ticket for the final in Stockholm was at stake and Medtech company Flow Neuroscience got hold of it. Flow Neuroscience has developed a helmet which counteracts depressions with help of electrical impulses. It will be launched in Sweden and Great Britain as soon as it has been approved by the authorities as a medtech device. Now only one question remains: Which of the seven startups coming from different parts of Sweden will prevail and win great prizes at the final in Stockholm? Read more about the Malmö event and the winner here (in Swedish).

November, 28 - Final Stockholm
And this year’s winner of Di Digital Startup Tour is …: Kognity! An exciting final at Hamburger Börs in Stockholm concluded the tour. Having the choice between seven impressive startup companies, the audience voted for Kognity, a Stockholm-based vendor of digital textbooks. Pitching Karin Bjerde from Kognity inspired with her enthusiasm for edtech as being an industry with huge potential. She left the event with an advertising budget from Bonnier News worth 1 million SEK among other great prizes. Congratulations! Read more about the final event and the winner here (in Swedish).

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